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Pocket Staff – #1 Magic Martial Arts Staff


Pocket Staff is a retractable, lightweight, compact stick of stainless metal quality for safe performance in Martial Arts.

Pocket Staff

  • One-Touch Open
  • Stainless Steel
  • Easy To Operate
  • Perfect Self Defence
  • Comfortable Tight Grip
  • Easily Retractable
  • Color – Silver

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If you do martial arts you will know about the incredible power of the staff. It can be used for many things such as self-defense and staff presentations. That is exactly why we developed this amazing pocket staff!

Usage Defend, Magic Shows, Martial Arts Pocket Staff
Size 1.1m/3.6ft (L)
Metal Stainless Steel

It can be carried in your pocket and it folds out almost instantly, making this the perfect staff to use on a daily basis! It is a cheap and useful alternative to some of the other staff on the market and it works like a charm. Whether you’re a martial artist or someone who just wants to feel safe, the pocket staff is for you!

Why Choose Us?

  • The pocket bo staff easily fits in your pocket or other small places and is therefore incredibly easy to take with you anywhere you go!
  • Made of incredibly sturdy stainless steel and will therefore be very durable and hard to break when using the staff!
  • Folds in and out in a heartbeat, making it incredibly useful in sketchy situations or to perform things like staff presentations with!
  • It looks great, and its lightweight composition makes carrying the staff around

Benefits of Pocket Staff:

  •  Game Time: Have a fun time for grown-ups and kids. Both are fit to use these exciting Props. Let your kids and others be amazed at the magical skills. And also a good idea for a professional magician, arts stage performances
  •  Great Quality: This stick is made with very high-quality skin-friendly stainless steel material. This gives you a delicate touch and a smooth feeling—the shaft and head I made with safe material are not harmful to a human.
  •  Unique Result: It is designed with a spring switch, making it easy for one hand to extend at a fast speed.
  •  A Different Reward: You can give it a gift to your child for any party, or it will also look fabulous with a magical outfit combination.
  •  Safe to use Pocket Staff: We equipped plastic collapsible prop for your children. The gloves and detailed guidance are fitted in the box.
  •  Smooth One Hand Use: Easy for 1 Hand Extending, Thunderbolt Speed, Show the Biggest Stage Magic Effects

How Does It Operate?

The pocket staff has been designed for easy use in pretty much every situation. It has a complex folding system to achieve this goal and it is as easy as pressing a button to unfold the entire pocket staff at once.

You can now use the staff for whatever you want, its strong metal composition will prevent it from breaking.

When you are done using the pocket staff it is time to fold it back up to put it back in your pocket.

Simply press the staff in on itself until you hear a positive click, at this point, it is safe to put it back in your pocket!

The pocket staff has an intuitive design which makes using it incredibly easy for everyone. It has an easy-to-use folding system that allows for a quick fold and unfolds and the staff’s strong metal composition allows you to use it for any purpose you desire. That is the power of the incredible pocket staff!

Uses Of Pocket Staff

Now that we know how to use the pocket staff it is time to look at some of its main practical uses!

Self Defence

The streets of large cities are becoming increasingly unsafe, and a self-defense staff is a perfect solution!

Staff Presentations

The pocket staff can also be used for staff presentations, it is perfect for spins and throws due to its lightweight.

Martial Arts

Staffs play an important role in many martial arts and the pocket staff is perfect for it!

Reaching High Places

The pocket staff is also perfect for smaller people to reach the top shelf of a store for example!


Pocket staffs also play a role among stand-up magicians, and this one is great for it!

Product Pictures


  •  Model Number: Magic Tricks v2
  •  Style: Stretchable Prop Metal Steel Silver Cane
  •  Usage: Martial Arts Staff Rod Accessories Tools
  •  Keyword: High Elasticity Steel Silver Appearing Cane Magic Toy
  •  Size: 1.1m/3.6ft (L)

What’s inside the Package?               

  • 1 x Pocket Bo Staff


What is a Pocket Staff?

A Pocket staff is a magic staff that is portable and can be carried to multiple places.

Is it easy to retract Pocket Staff?

Yes, Our Pocket Bo Staff can easily be retracted using one hand.

Can Pocket Staff be stored in a Pocket?

Yes, It is a Pocket Staff and can be taken to multiple places.

Additional information

Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm

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